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Insurrection - Book 5 Trailer

Insurrection - Book 5 Trailer

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The Road to Revolution - Book 0.5 (Prequel)

“These are the times that try men’s souls …”

It’s spring of 1775, and seventeen-year-old Ethan Chambers is relishing the chance to accompany his father Gideon on a business trip from their rustic home in the frontier town of Winchester to the Virginia Colony’s sparkling capital city of Williamsburg. But as they travel to meet with the colony’s governor, they hear of growing political troubles that threaten to undermine Gideon’s business dealings, and throw America into a dangerous confrontation with the mother country.

And the Chambers are about to encounter serious troubles of their own, requiring the unexpected aid of an enigmatic fellow Virginian—Daniel Morgan.

Troubles is a short story prequel to The Road to Revolution series, in which the defiant, burgeoning American colonies ignite a full-scale war against the most powerful nation on earth. Ethan Chambers and Daniel Morgan join the battle against the oppressive bonds of an ever more violent and imperious British monarchy, finding themselves on a perilous Road to Revolution.

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