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Inferno - Book 9 Trailer

Inferno - Book 9 Trailer

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Road to the Breaking - Book 9

Major General David Hunter scowled as he looked upon the bodies of six Union soldiers who’d been tied to a fence then murdered by rebel bushwhackers. “If they wish to unleash hell on our troops, let’s see how they like it when we give them the devil’s own inferno straight back!”

It’s spring of 1864, and Nathan Chambers and his men are reeling from the devastating Union defeat at New Market. But a new commanding general, David Hunter, promises to bring more experience and aggressive leadership to the Union’s floundering Shenandoah Valley Campaign.

Nathan’s hopes immediately come to fruition, as the Twelfth West Virginia Regiment finally wins a decisive, uplifting victory at the Battle of Piedmont. But afterward, General Hunter seems more intent on burning and destroying rebel property than in pursuing the retreating rebel army. Crafty Confederate General Jubal Early seizes this opportunity to strike back and launch his own brutal campaign of burning and devastation, with the help of Confederate Colonel Elijah Walters, who aims to take advantage of the growing conflagration to destroy his hated enemy Nathan Chambers.

On the Richmond espionage front, Evelyn Hanson is once again the target of the ruthless Confederate Signal Corps’ officer, Major White, who recruits reluctant allies—Evelyn’s friend Jubal Collins, and her mother Harriet!

Meanwhile, Tony and the freemen from Nathan’s farm train for a top-secret mission against the rebel fortifications surrounding Petersburg. But will incompetent and indecisive Union generals once again fail to secure a sorely needed victory?

Nathan and Evelyn find themselves sinking ever deeper into the raging war, threatening to descend into a hellish Inferno.

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