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War - Book 8 Trailer

War - Book 8 Trailer

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Road to the Breaking - Book 8

“Who are you …?” Nathan wondered aloud, as he gazed out at the approaching enemy. There was not supposed to be a Confederate force for hundreds of miles. And yet … someone was attacking his regiment … “Present arms ... Aim ... Fire!

It’s spring of 1863, and Nathan Chambers and his men from Texas have finally reported for duty with the Union Army, even as General Lee launches an all-out attack. Nathan and his men fight a desperate battle to hold back the rebel juggernaut, dug-in behind the sturdy walls of the Union fortress at Winchester. But Lee intends to annihilate these unexpectedly stubborn defenders before heading North for a showdown with Lincoln’s army at Gettysburg.

During the ensuing melee, several of Nathan’s trusted men become separated from the others and are captured by the enemy. But the horrendous rebel prison in Richmond is ill-prepared to deal with the resourceful veterans from the West, who plot a daring escape.

Meanwhile Evelyn Hanson is in the crosshairs of the Confederate Signal Corps’ anti-espionage unit, whose leaders are determined to take her down, and to murder her quietly when they do. And to ensure their success the Confederates have planted an agent of their own within Evelyn’s spy ring. Can she figure a way to turn the tables on them before it’s too late?

And thanks to Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Tony and the freemen from Nathan’s farm have now joined the army, finding their reception unwelcoming. But they’re determined to prove their fighting prowess and to take their proper place in the forefront of the battle for freedom.

Nathan and Evelyn fall ever deeper into peril as the two warring factions clash at Gettysburg in an epic battle that could decide the entire War.

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