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Road to the Breaking - Book 6

“They’re saying it’s the greatest shipborne invasion force ever assembled, gentlemen,” General McClellan said, then scowled, “Pray it shall be enough …”

It’s spring of 1862, and Union Major General George McClellan has just launched one of the largest amphibious invasions in history, landing 120,000 Union soldiers on the Virginia Peninsula.


But Stonewall Jackson means to derail McClellan’s offensive by an invasion of his own, threatening the nation’s capital with his powerful, war-hardened army. And only Nathan Chambers, his men from Texas, and a rag-tag group of Union soldiers stand in Jackson’s way!

Then Evelyn Hanson’s spy network discovers the key to a Union victory—critical details about the Confederates’ war plans. Will she be able to reach the Union lines and persuade a wary general to believe her vital intel before it’s too late?

Nathan and Evelyn are on a desperate collision course with danger and chaos as Invasion threatens to engulf both warring capital cities!

Invasion - Book 6 Trailer

Invasion - Book 6 Trailer

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