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Sedition - Book 3 Trailer

Sedition - Book 3 Trailer

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Road to the Breaking - Book 3

“You dare call me traitor? It is you, sir, who is the traitor!  You and all your slaver ‘friends’ speak nothing but treasonous sedition …”

It’s spring 1861, and former army captain Nathan Chambers, is on unfamiliar ground; in the center of the swirling politics of the secession crisis, triggered by the election of an unknown Northerner, Abraham Lincoln.  While Nathan fights to keep Virginia in the Union, his enemies plot to take the state by force.  And when they do, they mean to trigger a war and murder their political rivals; especially one troublesome former army captain!

Meanwhile, Evelyn finds herself swept up in the intrigue of the Richmond upper class.  After rescuing a runaway slave, she’s been recruited to help the Underground Railroad.  But now her “handlers” want to use her beauty and charm as a weapon to spy for the Union in the coming war.  Will she risk Nathan’s love to seduce Southern leaders into giving up their secrets?

And even as Virginia’s secession looms, men from the western side of the mountains plot their own sedition; a split with Richmond to form a new state and fight for Mr. Lincoln!

The Road to the Breaking Series is an epic tale of a young nation seething with debauchery, brutality, corruption, and political intrigue, unwittingly on the brink of a deadly precipice: the American Civil War.  In Book 3 of the series, Nathan Chambers fights to keep Virginia in the Union as his enemies plot a violent Sedition.     

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