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Insurrection - Book 5 Trailer

Insurrection - Book 5 Trailer

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Road to the Breaking - Book 5

“I want it bloody, the bloodier the better. Teach these oath-breakers what happens to traitors and thieves.”

It’s summer 1861, and former army captain Nathan Chambers, has a burning desire to reenlist and throw himself into the fray against his secessionist enemies, who have taken his home and dragged the country into civil war. But he’s torn between a burning desire to fight for the Union, and an all-consuming need to help birth a new state: West Virginia.


Even as he tries to walk a dangerous middle ground, he and his men are pulled into a brutal and deadly brother-against-brother guerrilla war threatening to engulf his new Northern home and derail the fledgling state.

And then Nathan learns his former neighbor and nemesis Elijah Walters has joined the rebel bushwhackers. Walters and his murderous gang are now within striking distance of the new Chambers’ family farm, so Nathan sends his best men, Stan and Billy, to track down the villain and finally bring him to justice.

The Road to the Breaking Series is an epic tale of a young nation seething with debauchery, brutality, corruption, and political intrigue, relentlessly driven into a deadly abyss: the American Civil War. In Book 5 of the series, Nathan Chambers faces a dangerous and elusive enemy, ruthlessly driving a brutal Insurrection.

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