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Breakout - Book 4 Trailer

Breakout - Book 4 Trailer

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Road to the Breaking - Book 4

“Tomorrow we march into battle, to conquer our enemies and kick open the door to freedom—or die trying.”

It’s late spring 1861, and former army captain Nathan Chambers has escaped his murderous enemies in Richmond only to find himself besieged in his own home.  As the secession threatens to break out in Civil War, local pro-Confederate militia surround Mountain Meadows intending to exterminate its treasonous guardians.


But Nathan and his ex-soldiers from Texas are not easily intimidated. They prepare for battle with an unexpected ally; the black men of the farm have volunteered to join the fight!

Meanwhile, Evelyn is followed by government agents to her Underground Railroad hideout where they threaten murder and mayhem against the runaway slaves she is sheltering … unless she can find a way to stop them in time.


The Road to the Breaking Series is an epic tale of a young nation seething with debauchery, brutality, corruption, and political intrigue, unwittingly on the brink of a deadly precipice: the American Civil War.  In Book 4 of the series, Nathan Chambers’ enemies threaten to bury his peaceful western Virginia home in violence and drown it in blood unless he and his men can achieve an improbable Breakout.

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