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  • Chris A. Bennett

More action, more plot twists, and more Captain Nathaniel Chambers.

As a long-time software guy, I’ve seen a lot of programs that have required a second version. It’s not that the original version was “bad”, necessarily, but rather the recognition that the previous idea could be improved upon. That is exactly what happened to Road to the Breaking.

My original intention for Road to the Breaking was to start with a three-book series. But, as I continued to develop the story and readers gave me feedback, I came to realize that my characters deserved more. They had stories that had been left untold – and I owed it to them, to myself, and to you, my reader, to tell those stories. So, I did.

The result is now a 5-book series to be launched in 2021 with a brand-new edition of Road to the Breaking. The new edition of Book 1 includes some of the same story as the original but also a lot of great, new content. I ended up with so much new content, in fact, that the original first book turned into TWO books. Road to the Breaking (January 2021) and Enigma (February 2021).

Don't miss out on the adventure; please go to to purchase your copy of Road to the Breaking second edition today.

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